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    How do I get a KitProg2?

      Hi Everyone,


      I was trying to utilize the SPI capability in the "Bridge Control Panel" but it is always greyed out for me.  After a bit of research it seems that functionality is only available with the KitProg2 debugger.  So I guess I need one of them.


      According to the KitProg2 User's Guide, "The KitProg2 is integrated onto most PSoC ® development kits." I have some PSoC 4200, 4200M, 5LP and a BLE Pioneer Baseboard.  All of my dev kits show up as just KitProg (I see no number 2 in the ID).


      A few questions...

      1)  Am I understanding the problem correctly? Do I need a KitProg2 to get SPI functionality in the Bridge Control Panel application?

      2) And if so...  Is there a way to upgrade the firmware on my existing KitProgs to get KitProg2 functionality?

      3) And if that's not possible... How/Where do I get KitProg2 devices?