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    USBUART Compile Error

      I started getting this error when I build my project.


      Build error: 'USBUART_MAX_EP' undeclared here (not in a function)


      The error is in the USBUART_audio.h file. USBUART_MAX_EP is defined in USBUART.h.  I have not made any changes to to the API files.

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          Is USBUART.h file included in the USBUART_audio.h file?

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            Thanks for your reply.  All of the required libraries are included.


            I start out with a working USB UART application and then slowly add in my code, while testing along the way. After a while the compiler starts complaining. Sometimes it is intermittent and sometimes it fails repeatedly. If I hover over USBUART_MAX_EP , the IDE shows the value, so it can find it.  If I hard code the value at the problem statement, the error just moves to another similar error else where in the USBUART API.


            One time, as a clean and build was running, I saw that the USB pins were reassigned (to the same ones I had assigned) and it compiled. I changed my my USB pins to "auto assign" and unchecked "lock". It now seems to regularly compile without any changes to the firmware???


            I am not sure what is going on, but at least I was able to complete my firmware. I still have another test program that was not fixed by that trick, so it is not a magic bullet.

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              Hello Bart,


              Please provide us with your project with the issue.Which creator version are you using