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    PSoC 4 and RF modules serial communication




      I am new to PSoC and trying to understand it one bit a time. I need help in a project I am working on in which I intend to serially transmit data using NTX0 ,NRX0 (Radiometrix)RF transmitter and receiver modules respectively. I have made hardware connections with one PSoC4 kit and NTX0 and other PSoC 4 kit to NRX0 module.


      I have some doubts which I was hoping could get cleared here at the community;


      1. What are the blocks I should use in the schematics?(I am using ADC and UART  at TX end, and only UART at the Receiving end)

      2. How to configure the pins in PSoC creator at the transmitting end and at the receiving end?

      3. How to program the receiver (PSoC  4) to receive the data from the other kit(TX)?

      4. How to show this communication using PuTTy?


      Awaiting response.


      Thank you,

      Arshiya Tabassum