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    Extended Range BLE


      Dear all,


      I read the CYBLE-224110-00 datasheet at page 16 on the method to enable the Extended range mode: it doesn't say the BLE component in Creator must be enabling

      the PA as well (Advanced tab). Under what circumstance does one enable PA through the BLE component? It must be for other than CYBLE-224110-00 module I think.




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             Enabling and disabling the PA/LNA is fully Application controlled procedure and the BLE component does not do anything about it.


          However, enabling the PA amplifies the PSoC output power and adds approx  ~15dBm watt power and the allowed output power for BLE spec is ~10 dBm. Hence it is recommended that we set -6dBm TX power for ADV/SCAN and Connection in the BLE component configuration.



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