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    measurements with Hall Sensor SAR ADC


      Hey dear specialists,

      my project is defined as follow:



      1) Measure brushless rotor (north south pole´s gauss) and showing  +-value on LCD

      2) would be fine that LCD can offset to zero at the beginning

      3) platinum version --storage max values.....


      technical details

      Hall sensor ist feeded with 5V and deliver about 2,3V if there is no influens with magnetic field.

      with 1600 gauss magnet there is a range of 0.5V to 4.1V.

      the sensor give 1,3mVolt per gauss


      what happen until now



      set LCD to zero is working with potentiometer, but if value goes under zero LCD show a positive value 65535 of a 16 bit code.


      My question so far:

      1) is there a nice hardware solution to fulfill my requirements, hence im too stupid for this 


      SAR decription on page 8 shows a lot of "single ended result formats", which I´m not able to match in my tons of versions on this project


      2) software solution

      - meaning-

      read start value of Hall sensor -storage it in a register or variable then subtract it from the measurement-



      very best regards and thanks in advance



      sorry my electronics are 30 years ago and i never played with micro controller, but i HAVE  FUN with this small things, which are smarter than ME