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    Does Cypress Back Startups for New Innovations?




      Recently I asked cypress customer care via its email to know that if Cypress supports new innovations to launch an startup. The following is my mail:

      " I’m Alireza Alikhani and I’m a designer and an electronic engineer. In the coming days, I’m going to showcase two of my designs/inventions which are all based on Cypress technologies (PSOC4BLE and CAPSENSE).


      I’m confident with my designs and ideas which I believe can launch a successful startup. I want to know that if there exist any program supported by Cypress to qualify and support selected designs and help them to introduce themselves? I’m really eager to work with Cypress because they provided me a solid platform and design suits which helped me a lot to implement my ideas nicely. "


      But they referred me to post a new topic which i think was just an automatic answer. Anyway, I wanted to know if Cypress backs us and help us to showcase our innovations.