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    AT command in PRoC BLE


      I am using a CYBLE-022001-00 chip and here is my application:

      1. The BLE is configured in a Custom Profile Mode with GAP Role as both Central and Peripheral, and as GATT Client and Server.

      2. One of its Services as a GAP Peripheral and GATT Server device is the HID Service functioning as both keyboard and mouse.

      3. As a Central, it will, as one of its future integrations, continuously scan for beacons that are BLE Broadcasters.


      Is "AT command" mode, just like in HC-05 Bluetooth modules, supported in this BLE chip that would allow me to still perform the same application stated above? Is this possible? I am also aware of the HCI mode in the BLE config settings. Would using HCI mode over UART allow me to perform the same application?