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    Programming custom PCBA with CYW43907


      Can someone give me a run down on how to program the CYW43907 populated on a custom board? We will be sending out boards for fab shortly and want to verify that we are not missing anything.


      We will have the JTAG/SWO port brought out to a header and I plan on using a JLINK. Does the jlink program internal SRAM in the chip or is it programming the external flash? If it programs the internal SRAM, how do I upload a image to the external flash?


      I have looked at other resources like Downloading and debugging CYW43907 using Jlink Segger but it is not clear if it is for development (SRAM) or writing to flash.


      To begin with I will need to be able to debug apps and program prototype boards based on the custom PCBA. This will eventually lead to figuring out how to program the custom PCBA in manufacturing.