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    CYPD3171 QC Doesn't work

      CYPD3171 QC Doesn't work


      I am using the solution PB-812,  CYPD3171+SC8915,  type_c interface of PD3.0 is ok for charging and discharging .  But this type_c can't regonize QC3.0, can't discharge in QC mode . Are there any settings in the C coding ??


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          Hi Kim,


          This design TypeC port support PD and QC3.0 output and PD input; MicroB port support +5V Input; ypeA port support QC3.0 output.


          Please kindly notice the HEX file on website is only support QC3.0 output on Type-C. We are assured that those feature have validated by SoutchChip and Cypress.


          If you could like to discuss, you may need list out the device you are charging with this Power Bank. So that we can stand on page with you.


          Best Regards,