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      I have interfaced fx2lp with an image sensor in slavefifo mode.fx2lp is implemented in C2 load.Two eeprom devices are connected trhough i2c to fx2lp with same memory and different address.I have defined endpoint 6 for commiting image sensor data to USB and one more Endpoint 2 BULK IN.Through this endpoint 2,can i write and read data to another EEPROM(Called as data EEPROM),If i do this any disturbance in the endpoint 6 path?because i have to call functions in TD_POLL();please let me know?




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          Hello Geethanjali,


          - You have mentioned that you define endpoint 2 as BULK IN. So, you can only perform read transactions using this endpoint. TO perform write transactions, you need to define an OUT endpoint.

          - Also, note that TD_POLL() function is called repeatedly. So, any code within this function block gets executed repeatedly. In case you have code statements pertaining to endpoint 6 and endpoint 2 in TD_POLL() block, both gets executed for every iteration of the loop.

          - Consider using endpoint 0 and vendor commands for I2C EEPROM read/write.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S

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