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    Is it possible to set VDDIOx on Cy8ckit-059


      Hello all,

      I am currently working with the PSoC 5LP on the Cy8ckit-059 evaluation board. I am looking to drive the output of the GPIO pins with a logic high of 1.8V. I tried to adjust all the VDDIOx values to 1.8V in the Design Wide Resources, but this failed to change the output level of the GPIO pins regardless of the VDDIOx value or pin drive mode. Is this GPIO voltage change in VDDIOx possible with the Cy8ckit-059?


      I would do this with the SIO enabled pins, but my final design will require all the available GPIO pins to operate at 1.8V so there are not enough SIO pins available.


      I have attached the project of my current test configuration to this post.


      Thank you!