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    imx7s-warp fmac support


      I have a customer trying to use the iMX7s-warp board, which has a type-1dx module (CYW4343W)


      Our latest FMAC driver and firmware supports kernel 4.1.15 which has no MACHINE imx7s-warp

      They imported the Yocto meta-layer for the imx7s-warp from another BSP but this overrides the preferred kernel and pulls in 4.1.32 in which then it becomes a kernel source/header file headache for FMAC.



      The current Yocto BSPs all support the imx7s-warp ( 4.1.32 up ) and have the bcmdhd and brcmfmac drivers within, the brcmfmac doesn't actually work but as it's close to FMAC as far as I know - it may be a good starting point for a possible port?


      Can we provide some guidance on how to enable this feature? for reference this works ok on the iMX7d board, just not the WARP one.