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    Using PSoC 3/4/5 striplights library with PSoC 6


      I am attempting to use the custom striplights library (from the "funwithleds" example - search PSoC 4 forum) with PSoC 6.


      So far when including the dependency and then copying across the components from my existing PSoC 4 TopDesign to my new PSoC 6 TopDesign, the only component I had to swap out was the Digital Output Pin component (v2.20). Also got an error saying that double sync not available.


      Then when I include a v1.0 Digital Output Pin component I keep getting this message "Signal 'Net_XXX' (which is the connection between the component SO output and the digital pin) is floating (not driven by anything)"


      How do I fix this error?


      I've attached an archive demonstrating the problem.