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    S29GL01GP, RY/BY signal timing

      Hi everyone. I am working with the S29GL01GP device. When I try to program the memory, I see that the RY/BY pin goes high before the estipulated time of 60us (tWHWH1). I am measuring around 7 us.

      I also figured out that when this happens, the data is not programmed. Is this some kind of warning of "write not successful"?


      Thanks for your help.

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          The RY/BY# pin is the dedicate output pin from the flash state controller, this described in the section 7.9.1 of the datasheet, you can simply know whether the chip is in busy state by checking this pin.


          To get the specific information and error type, you can use the DQ toggle method mentioned in the datasheet. The different DQ bit combination and definition is simply as follow, for more information, please refer the Section 7.8 of the datasheet.



          Vincent Han

          Customer Application Engineer, Cypress.

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            Thanks Vincent.


            I would like to know why RY/BY# pin goes from '0' to '1' (or high Z) before the typical time estipulated in the datasheet (section 11.7.3).

            I'm using this signal to indicate my flash controller that the program is ready and start the next word programming, but it's not working.

            Besides, I didn't implement the data polling in the write operation status. Is it necessary to complete the single word programming cycle?




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              I have figured out that the '0' level duration of the RY/BY signal depends on the amount of '1's in the data path.

              For example, the shortest low level time happens when data is 0xFFFF. Is this possible? Datasheet says that the TYPICAL time is 60us. I think it should be MAX, instead of typical.