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    How to communicate with Cypress BLE device runnning UART_to_BLE_Central project using Android Java code?




      I have a custom device with a Cypress BLE4 Semiconductor installed and running the UART_to_BLE_central code project (day 20).  This device is running in central mode.  My peripheral is actually an Android Samsung Galaxy S7 phone runing Java API 24.   I have created a custom serivce on the phone that replicates the same service as the USB BLE Dongle Cypress provides with the development kit.  This one: CY5670 http://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy5670-cysmart-usb-dongle


      The Mobile App is able to advertise and connects successfully with the central and I can view Data Packets being sent back and forth using my Hollong BLE Sniffer.   My question is pretty simple but I need help with it.   After connection, how do I send information back to the device?  I understand from BLE technology that the Peripheral needs to broadcast updates back to all connected devices however I am not sure where the Cypress code is actually reading this.  After connection is made and the Scan data is returrned I only recieve 1 Write request to my Descriptor callback function saying to "Enable Communctions".  I believe this is from the app_BLE.c file, void enableNotifications() function.


      What I expect is for it to handle all requests after the successful BLE connection at the void HandleUartTxTraffic(void) function in app_UART.c code. While monitoring the logs from the sniffer it seems that communications is consistently being sent in the PDU packets but I am unable to retrieve any of it because nothing is hitting my callback function.   Anyone have experience with Android BLE development with Cypress products?  All comments and questions welcome.