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    Is there long characteristic support for BCM20732S and does SDK-2.X support BCM20732S?

      I have been using evaluation kit BCM92073X_LE_KIT and SDK-2.1.1 to develop an application that requires long characteristic support.  I have long characteristics working fine on the evaluation kit using bleprofile_WriteHandleData() obtained from SDK-2.1.1 long_characteristic example application.


      My final hardware uses BCM20732S,  I get the following message when trying to download to BCM20732S using SDK-2.1.1.  "Download failed. This version of the SDK only supports download to BCM20736A1 and BCM20737A1 devices"


      Does SDK-2.X support BCM20732S or does only SDK-1.X have support for BCM20732S?


      I can't link to bleprofile_WriteHandleData() when trying to use SDK-1.1.0.  SDK-1.1.0 also does not have a long_characteristic example application like SDK-2.1.1 does.


      Does SDK-1.1.0 support long characteristics?