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    how to use wiced_configure_accessory_password_for_device_with_no_display for homekit dev



      I'm trying to develop homekit device without display.

      Snip code includes how to use "wiced_configure_accessory_password_for_device_with_display", but I have few information "wiced_configure_accessory_password_for_device_with_no_display".


      I guess device developer can set arbitrary password with "XXX-XX-XXX" format, so I wrote like this.

          uint8_t* password = "123-45-678";

          wiced_configure_accessory_password_for_device_with_no_display( password );


      However, iOS application cannot activate the device with code "123-45-678".

      When I use "wiced_configure_accessory_password_for_device_with_display", it works.


      Could you kindly give me advice?