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    How to control CYW20707 by CYW43907




      The customer would like to use combo module that is CYW43907+CYW20707.(Murata and Azurewave already provided that one).


      I think CYW20707 is controlled by CYW43907 in this case but I'm not sure whether Cypress has such API to control CYW20707 in WICED studio

      (I can not find it in API manual)


      Q1: Do you have such API ?
      Q2; Do you have good example code?


      I think this configuration is used in famous smart speaker in US so I hope Cypress to provide good example.


      Thank you.



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          You can refer to the "ble_wifi_introducer" application in the demo folder. Basically the same BT API's that you would use for the CYW20706 BT device should work even for CYW20707. Just that CYW20706 has an integrated Host MCU and your case the CYW43907 will act as the Host MCU for the CYW20707 over an UART HCI interface.


          For the audio examples, you can refer to the Apollo, Audio Loop back apps in the demo folder.

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