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    Multiple PSoC-5LP controlling one LCD with I2C



      I am currently working with four PSoC 5LP (CY8C5888LTI-LP097) and with a 4x20 LCD (NHD-0420D3Z). I am using the I2C (multi-master) and the I2C_LCD components in PSoC Creator 4.2 to make them communicate between each other.


      I am relatively new to I2C but I managed to make the LCD switch between the different PSoC but here is my actual question:


      - How can I make the PSoCs send data to the LCD all at the same time (each PSoC has a designated line of the LCD) ?


      I wanted the code to be the same for every PSoC, that's why I am currently using multi-master mode, but it's becoming evident that it will not be possible. I think the answer is having a master (buffer) and 3 slaves but I don't know how to handle it using multiple PSoC and the I2C_LCD component.


      I would be very grateful for some guidance,

      thank you !!