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    FRAM Power Calculation



      I am using CY15B128Q FRAM memory in my  design. Please send the link for Power calculation sheet if available.


      What is the Junction Temperature of this part?


      In datasheet, the voltage levels are given for VOH1 and VOH2 , what is that 1 and 2 refer to ? Which one should be considered for interfacing with other devices?







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          Hi Gayathri,


          We do not have a power calculation sheet for FRAM parts. I will demonstrate you one calculation manually. You can change any value accordingly to suit your application.


          Theta Ja = 146 C/W

          Power Dissipation Pd = Voltage x Current

          Pd (max) = V (max) x I (max)   (Under operating conditions)

          Pd = 3.6 x 2.5 x 10 ^ -3 = 9 mW


          Tj ( Junction Temperature max ) = Theta Ja x Pd + Ta (max)

          Tj = 146 x 9  + 85

          Tj = 86.314 C  ( Max Tj under operating conditions)


          VoH1 is the output high voltage when the device is selected (CS is low) while VoH2 is output high voltage when the device is deselected ( Device is in stand by). For interfacing it to other devices you can generally look to match VoH1.


          Thanks and Regards,