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    ADC Delta-Sigma range confusion

      Dear community,


      I have been working with ADC D-S of psoc5lp with no success to amplify 2 diferential signals with 5mVpp as maximum. I have read different documents and I'm very confused about this.


      In page 9 of reference document of ADC Delta-Sigma 3.30 the range with Input ± Vref with Vref=1.024V should be: -1.024±1.024= 0V to 2.048. Why in example of CE95271 with the same condition Vref=1.024 on negative pin of ADC, in page 2 says that if positive enter of ADC is 0 the converted value is -1.024 or if is 1.024 the value is 0; so the range doesn't go from 0V to 2.048 as page 9 of ADC Delta-Sigma 3.30 established? then the range to work can support until 2.048 V as a valid value to work???? 2.048 -> 1.024V? Or can I even enter 3V signal with no problem at all? with VDD=5V?


      This is very confused, please any help you can provide me will be very appreciated, thanks in advance.