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    HIB_XTAL is not used



      We are developing the application board using CYW43907 (Murata LBWA1UZ1GC module) now.

      We don't want to use external 32.768kHz crystal to HIB_XTAL_IN/OUT.

      HIB_LPO_SEL must be pulled high in this case.

      How can we terminate HIB_XTAL_IN and HIB_XTAL_OUT ?

      Is it OK to leave them open ?



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            Pull's and traps for HIB LPO sel should not affect, since these are anyway override by SW. HIB_LPO_SEL pin is supposed to *guarantee* which source you’re getting for the 32kHz clock. By default it’s auto selected between the external xtal and the internal oscillator. If you have only the internal oscillator then HIB_LPO_SEL is useless. Also this pull is over ride by SW when making LPO source definitions in platform.c.


            The thing what matter is wrong configuration of LPO source in platform.c- if you have XTAL populated the device wont boot-up if platform.c have defined using iLPO. This works also vice-versa. Bellow definition in platform.c to configure the LPO either using internal RC-osc or external XTAL


            Internal RC oscillator = PLATFORM_HIBERNATION_CLOCK_INTERNAL_32KHZ



            const platform_hibernation_t hibernation_config = {

                .clock              = PLATFORM_HIBERNATION_CLOCK_INTERNAL_32KHZ,

                .hib_ext_clock_freq = 0, /* use default settings */

                .rc_code            = PLATFORM_HIB_WAKE_CTRL_REG_RCCODE,


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              Hi jaka san,


              Thank you for very helpful information.

              When we define iLPO in the software, can we leave HIB_XTAL_IN/OUT as open ?



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                Yes, after the 32k XTAL is remove the pins can be left floating/open. Although for first proto I would recommend you have at least landing pattern for the 32k XTAL and Pull UP resistor landing pattern for HIB_LPO_SEL. This is for the reason you can optimize component count by take components away one-by-one in controlled way, meanwhile verify the functionality.


                I have seen 32k XTAL removal done parallel with too many other changes then cannot tell which change affected to the end result.




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                  Hi jarkko san,


                  We succeeded to boot up by defining iLPO in the software as your wrote.

                  Our board have the landing pattern of crystal to HIB_XTAL_IN/OUT but both

                  HIB_XTAL_IN/OUT are open now.


                  Thank you for your answers and helps.