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    how to test WCO's precision at PSoC4100S

      Our product using psoc4100s as MCU, but the ILO is not accurate and we use WCO to replace it. Now how to test the precision of WCO at PSoC4100S.

      1, using WDT timer?

      WDT timer is based on LFCLK, which is from ILO. would you help confirm that WDT from ILO or WDT from WCO.


      2, using timer0 or timer1 or timer2?

      If timer using WCO as source clock, we want set timer and in timer-isr to driver "one pin" in high state, hardware test the time of the pin from low state to high state.

      Does this method is accurate enough when test the precision of WCO?


      3, any other methods to test WCO's precision?