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    lwIP stops receiving packets


      I am using WICED SDK 6.1 with FreeRTOS and LwIP.


      I am trying to test OTA updates on my CYW43907 based module with custom code receiving the image through secured MQTT. The first ~140KB of the image is received and processed but then all network activity stops. I cannot send or receive and I cannot reach the device through ping from a computer. I think something has died in LwIP, or something in the WICED network layer has stopped pulling packets from LwIP.


      I enabeled the LwIP stat print out and I think there is an issue with the PBUF_POOL_RX buffer.



      avail: 45

      used: 45

      max: 45

      err: 866


      The full LwIP stat output is attached.


      Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?


      I enabled debug and error prints in WICED and I am not seeing any errors or anything that stands out regarding the TLS or Network modules.