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    UVC+CDC not  work USB2




      I have example UVC+CDC.

      Many Thanks. Is very good example.

      Yes, video is exist.

      But, I looked, that for the case USB2 in descriptors file there is no description of CDC.

      I myself added these CDC descriptors for my USB2  (file). In my added project files (descr2.h in added arcive)


      the device became defined as a composite in UVC and CDC devices.

      And even works.


      But it working not stable.


      Not full functionality is manifested, mainly in the following.

      On some computers on the "upward" channel uart not communication - from uart to the virtual com-port.

      On some computers in the case of usb2, on some computers in the case of usb3.


      In the opposite direction, from virtual com port to the uart communication is good.

      I try any drivers.


      I do not even know what to correct. Look here please.