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    Error: CyJtagDevice Not found


      I am trying to debug a code for EZ-USB FX3 DVK, I am using  OpenOCD, I have followed the instructions given in Section 3.2 of "EzUsbSuite_UG.pdf" carefully. But I get the following Errors


      Open On-Chip Debugger 0.8.0 (2014-12-03-15:43)

      Licensed under GNU GPL v2

      For bug reports, read


      Warn : Adapter driver 'cy7c65215' did not declare which transports it allows; assuming legacy JTAG-only

      Info : only one transport option; autoselect 'jtag'

      adapter_nsrst_delay: 200

      jtag_ntrst_delay: 200

      adapter speed: 1000 kHz

      trst_and_srst srst_pulls_trst srst_gates_jtag trst_push_pull srst_open_drain connect_deassert_srst

      RCLK - adaptive

      adapter speed: 1000 kHz

      Error: CyJtagDevice Not found


      in procedure 'init'

      I can't figure out what is wrong.

      Can anyone help me out with this? I'm running out of ideas.