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    CYBT 343026 with A2DP and BLE (contd.)

      If I'm not streaming, I'm able to discover services and characteristics and write and read these.


      With connection interval to 200ms and the supervision timeout to 2000ms I can streming and dicovering services and characteristics, thank you!


      Now I have other problems:

      1. every time I reset device the mac address is different. If I remember correctly this is a special function but I'm not able to find and disable it.
      2. the PUART RX pin has an offset about 1,2 V (all SW5 is off). What could be the problem? I tried also to set GPIO and PULL-UP but nothing change.
      3. when I disconnect the module from my device, it's impossible to reconnect again. I solved this only when I connect and disconnect module for discovering services and characteristics (calling wiced_bt_start_advertisements function in hci_control_le_conn_status_callback when module is disconnects) but not when I connect and disconnect module for streaming. Is it a know issue?