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    CYW920719q40evb-01 download problem


      Hi ,

         I have three CYW920719Q40EVBoards


         One of them have this problem while downloading:

      Detecting device...
      Device found

      Downloading application...
      ****Download failed ****

      A total of 1 contiguous memory areas were filled:
      [00500000..00500041] DATA (66 bytes)
      Download config error trying to write 240 bytes to address 0x005042D0    (SOURCE:  CONFIG   Configuration data   build/mesh_battery_client-CYW920719Q40EVB_01-rom-ram-Wiced-release/mesh_battery_client-CYW920719Q40EVB_01-rom-ram-Wiced-release.hex)
      Download failed. This WICED platform of the SDK only supports download to 207x9B1 devices.
      Follow the instructions in the 20719-B1 README.txt for downloading the application.

      11:34:36 Build Finished (took 14s.559ms)


        Another question is why they need to be reset to factory defaults every download.  only reset will cause  this:


      Detecting device...


      | No CYW207x9 device detected.                                                            

      | 1. Verify the CYW207x9 WICED eval board is connected _AND_ powered                      

      | 2. Verify all switches are set to the default positions                                 

      |    - see "Connect the WICED Evaluation Board" in the Quick Start Guide or Kit Guide     

      |      for defaults                                                                       

      | 3. Press the reset button on the WICED eval board and retry                             


      | See 20719-B1_Bluetooth/README.txt for more info.                                        

      | If this problem persists, the board EEPROM may need to be reset to factory defaults.    

      | Please see Recovery instructions in the Quick Start Guide or Kit Guide.