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    clearing CyResetStatus


      I am reading the CyResetStatus and it appears to stay after reading it,  should I manually set it to 0 after reading?

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          The status information will get updated at the next reset, whichever the cause might be.



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            Ref: PSoC 5LP



            I think you are confusing CyResetStatus, a RAM variable, and RESET_SR0, a hardware register. Reading the RAM variable will not result in it being reset.


            Reading RESET_SR0 directly is supposed to result in it clearing, but maybe or maybe not the 2 upper bits? The documentation is hopelessly contradictory.



            I think part of the reason for confusion here is that Cypress documents the physical hardware separately from the firmware that uses it. At the hardware level, RESET_SR0 supposedly clears when read. Except those upper 2 bits, which may not. Or maybe they do.



            But RESET_SR0 is read by firmware during the boot process, and the value is supposed to be stored (via an intermediate transfer to CYREG_PHUB_CFGMEM23_CFG1), so the firmware that you write never has access to the value of the register before it is cleared - only a copy of it. Which may or may not be further manipulated by the boot firmware.



            See Cm3Start.c



            For unknown reasons, my firmware configuration (#defines) is such that the intermediate transfer never occurs, to the CyResetStatus value is not meaningful.



            My attempts at getting Cypress to address this have been met with very loud silence.