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    AMQP Status

      AMQP is very usefull in IOT world but for the moment, Wiced include only a draft of AMQP.


      I propose to follow the evolution of Wiced AMQP in this discution to update everyone who want use it.


      What does it work ?

      - connection

      - disconnection

      - send data

      - receive data


      What does it miss ?

      - all frames are hard-coded, it is very important to make it more flexible.

      - some performatives doesn't work or add some character in data.

      - the AMQP keep alive (for the moment you can send an empty data but it is invoiced in Microsoft Azure)

      - all chanel management are hard-coded


      Don't hesitate to update my post with any information.


      For the WICED team, how it is possible to work on the code and post some modification ?

      Best regards