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    GPIF 8/16/ and 32 bit differences



      I have a small query: When going through the project section, both the FX3 chips with 32 bit GPIF or with 16 bit GPIF work at a 100 MHz clock rate and max. transfer speed is 5Gbps. 32 bits at 100 MHz is ~ 3.2 Gbps. So how is the 5 Gbps speed arrived at in the first place ? Since this is parallel comms, i'm assuming that there is no encoding. Or is the 5Gbps is the rate at which the data goes out of the SS ports of the chip to the USB connector and to the Host ?



      Secondly, is there some kind of DDR or QDR in place for the 16 and 8 bit interfaces respectively to match the GPIF speeds of the 32 bit chip or do these work only at 1600 Gbps and 800 Mbps only ?


      Thank you !