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    Variation in raw count

      Hi to all,  I use the CY8CMBR3110. I'm having trouble reading raw count of electrodes. The raw count varies greatly depending on the ambient temperature. How to solve this?

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          Hello Assis,


          The change in raw counts of the sensor basically reflects the change in parasitic capacitance of the sensor. When the temperature of the surroundings changes, the parasitic capacitance of the sensors changes. This causes the change in raw counts. To reduce the effect of change in raw counts with temperature, you can reduce the sensitivity of the sensors. You can decrease the sensitivity of sensors in Ez-Click GUI itself by increasing the number in the sensitivity tab of the corresponding sensor (say 100pF to 200pF).


          Is the temperature of the electrode surroundings is varying rapidly? If yes, you can reduce the rapid change in raw counts by applying IIR filter to the raw counts. You can enable the IIR filter in the Ez-Click GUI.


          Please try this and check whether there is any improvement.




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            Thanks Ganesh!