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    Can't include custom project library in main.c - followed both Library tutorials from Cypress

      I wanted to add the TMC2130Stepper library to my project, and I followed these tutorials to do so:





      When I made my main project, ADC_Tester, dependent upon the library project, I checked both the Component and the Code options...however, I only need it to be dependent on the Code, because I have the SPI_Master component setup such that it handles all the data control to the TMC2130 (all I need are output pins for the SPI lines and Direction, Step, Enable (digital output.))  So, I haven't (yet?) made a custom component for the project library seeing as I don't think I need it.


      When I Build the Application, I find that I am unable to #include the library. The following error shows up: " 'TMC2130Stepper.h' file not found. Try building the project to generate the missing file or update the project's code dependencies."  I triple-checked the file path to be sure it's located in the same Project folder as ADC_Tester.


      No idea what to do from here, any suggestions would be of great service.