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    Cypress SIB initialization problem

      I am using the FX3S and I have the WiFi chip connected to Storage port 0. The WiFi chip is TI WiLink8 and I have to interface it with 4-bit SD. Because I'm writing my own application on a custom system, it is not possible for me to use the cypress sdk as is. I've extracted several code snippets from it and am using them in my codebase. However whenever I try to access the WiFi chip, I see that my commands timeout. My initialization of S-Port is,

      1- Configure the Mode Register. Set mode to SD and 4-bit.

      2- Configure the Clock.

      After this, I try to send the CMD_52 to the WiFi chip but it does not respond. I see that the SDMMC_INTR[CMDSENT] set which indicates that the command was sent, but I get no response.

      I know that the WiFi chip is functional. Therefore there is some sort of problem in my initalization code. Can anyone provide any pointers on this ASAP ?