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    how to send data to my phone

      i'm newbie..

      i want to phone call when i push the SW button,

      button for a emergency call for elderly or children, women


      i think two different way


      1. push the button -> send data to my phone -> phone calling someone

      i think UART is key, i'm keep translate datasheet but i can't understand well


      2. ble deep sleep mode -> push the button -> re-activate ble -> software detect the ble's re-connection ->  phone calling someone


      these are possible things?

      does any reference or something to study this?

      plz it makes me hard days

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          You would need to setup the phone to run an app that calls outwards when the BLE triggers it either with a custom profile for BLE, or a declared profile on the BT SIG website: List of Bluetooth profiles - Wikipedia

          The process of connecting the BLE will be up to your architecture choice of how you want the connection to be: constants, fast, low-power, etc.

          Both of the methods you describe are feasible and implementable.

          There are many devices that implement this, but most of the work, unfortunately, will be on the phone-app side of the devices.

          The BLE device will merely send a button-press trigger signal to the phone, and the phone app/code will do the rest from the architecture standpoint.