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    Device to Mobile on LAN


      Hi Guys,  I am working on the project where BCM43438 + STM32F412 as Wi-Fi Module as gateway to connect to SMT32F4 via USART.

      I need to transfer 1MB data to Host processor


      Option 1; Mobile phone on same LAN can have communication via RAW TCP server/Client

      Option 2: Direct from Cloud via HTTPS



      Which one is better design?

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          Hi Terrance:


               I think the solution depends on your user case :

          1. if the 1MB data has speed request like you must transfer the data in limited time , like you need a 10M TCP throughput ,

          suggest you to use the TCP server/Client .

          2.  if your 1MB data need a remote control or download and check, 

          Cloud via HTTPS is a good choise,  like the cloud door bell design,   all the door bell camera data will be transferred to the cloud, 

          you can check the door bell data via cloud in another device like cell phone.