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    Unable to advertise after shutdown of all connection




        I got one issue that is referring to multiple slave configuration (refer to Testing Master and Slave Roles).


      bluez/gatttool -> 20737 (1st)

                                  \---> 20737

                                  \---> 20737

                                  \---> 20737

                                  \---> 20737


        I setup a client (most top root) on Linux system with bluez software utility which connects to one 20737, and this 20737 connects to 4 more slaves (still running 'hello_client'). There are numerous notifications coming from each 20737 and being aggregated at the first 20737 in this tree structure.

        The issue was happened without any specific timing (it ran well for a while, couple hours maybe), where suddenly the callback 'connDown' was called from ALL connections (including master and slave role) at first 20737. And then the first 20737 was unable to advertise any more.


        I tried to add test code for hooking the button interrupt to *re-enable* the advertising by calling 'bleprofile_Discoverable' with parameter 'HIGH_UNDIRECTED_DISCOVERABLE', but it still failed to advertise.


        Does anyone can help to comment this weird case?