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    PUART RTS/CTS Hardware Flow Control

      There was a discussion on PUART RTS/CTS Hardware Flow Control in the forum.

      The clarification provided was that PUART RTS/CTS is not support on the module board.


      We are using 20737 QFN package, so I believe RTS/CTS should be supported and working.


      However, followed all the instructions available as in the sample codes and the forum discussion,

      I am not able to make RTS/CTS working.


      I am wondering if there is anyone in this forum who made RTS/CTS working with PUART.


      Double checked RTS line with Oscilloscope, it is not wiggling at all even after RX FIFO overflow situation.


      Here is the programming sequences I followed.

      And, all PUART pins belongs to the same row of Table 3 Group 1 PUART signal muxing options.



      #define PIN_UART_TX   0

      #define PIN_UART_RX   2

      #define PIN_UART_RTS  1

      #define PIN_UART_CTS  3


      #define PUART_BAUDRATE 921600


      puart_selectUartPads(PIN_UART_RX, PIN_UART_TX, PIN_UART_CTS, PIN_UART_RTS);






      // Disable sleep

      devlpm_registerForLowPowerQueries(uart_lpm_queriable, 0);


      // Clear interrupt



      // Set RX watermark to 1 byte



      // Set TX watermark to 0 byte



      // enable UART RX Almost Full interrupt



      // Set callback function to app callback function.

      puart_rxCb = (void *)ble_uart_rx_cb;


      // TX_FAE interrupt will be enabled when the data is putting into TX FIFO

      puart_txCb = (void *)ble_uart_tx_cb;


      // Set baud rate.

      puart_setBaudrate(0x00, 0x00, PUART_BAUDRATE);


      // Enable the CPU level interrupt