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    fx3 uvc RGB24


      Hi Guys



      the output interface of DSP is serial RGB(data bus:8bit, one pixel 24 bit)


      I changed code in cyfxuvcdscr.c  to RGB24

              0x7d,0xeb,0x36,0xe4,            /* GUID used to identify streaming-encoding format: RGB888  */




              0x18,                           /* Number of bits per pixel used to specify color in the decoded video frame.

                                                 0 if not applicable: 24 bit per pixel */


      when I open amcap, I see a black window,

      in the uart debug window:

      UVC COMpleted 0 frames and 0 buffers

      UVC COMpleted 30 frames and 0 buffers

      UVC COMpleted 60 frames and 0 buffers

      UVC COMpleted 90 frames and 0 buffers



      is there anything extra to modify? need I change the cyfxgpif2config.h?


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          There could be lot of reasons for this. Where exactly is the debug messages printed in the code and what values do they print?


          Please print the number of buffers printed in each frame and see if it matches the expected value. Also, using a protocol analyser (Ex. USBLyzer), analyse the data in one frame and make sure the headers and number of bytes comply with the expected values.



          - Madhu