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    CE219174 - Interfacing SPI nvRAM with PSoC® 4


      Hi there,

      I'm trying to integrate the SPI NVRAM component, which I gather is new this past month. I was using the prior version based on AN89659 in my project, but in recent Creator updates, that version is now problematic. Following the instructions in CE219174, Under Project Dependencies, I'm asked to "Click on New Entry (User Dependencies) and Select NVRAM_Component_Lib.cyprj from NVRAM_Component_Lib.cylib Folder". I do not have this project or folder on my system, and have searched for how to get it, and thus far have failed. I thought I had gleaned that is part of the latest software install for CY8CKIT-042, so I installed that, but still no luck. I'll probably get the boob award for this, but please help. Thanks!