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    CySmart dongle C# API Paring BLE device working in Windows 7 but not in Windows 10




      I am using C# api's along with CySmart 4.2 BLE dongle. I am able to Pair Our BLE Sensor using Pair api as follows:


      CyApiErr err1 = m_peerDevice.Pair(new CyPairSettings(CySecurityLevel.AUTHENTICATED_PAIRING_WITH_ENCRYPTION, true, 16, CyPairingProperties.USE_KEYPRESS_NOTIFICATION));


      this things are working fine in windows 7 but the same settings are  giving error BLE_ERROR_GATT_INSUFFICIENT_ENCRYPTION on  Windows 10.


      Again in CySmart desktop application (comes with cypress dongle driver) it is working fine on both Windows 7 & 10.


      This is strange but its true. Is there any restriction on windows 10 which blocking something.


      Please provide some help.