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    It is a question about how to set the number of DMA transfers


      I added a TD by modifying the project file attached with AN 61102.

      I will attach a modified project file.

      The attached project file was created using Creator 4.2 so that it works with CY8CKIT-050B.


      When you press SW2 of CY8CKIT-050B once, 20bit AD conversion value is stored in the buffer of ADC_sample continuously

      In this project file, TD 0 to TD 7 sets the number of transfers to 50 times × 4 respectively.


      I wanted to dynamically change the number of TD transfers and made a modification like the attached image.

      But it seems that the DMA interrupt is synchronized with the ADC conversion interrupt as the operation.


      How can I fix it if I want to dynamically change the number of DMA transfers?



      There was a mistake in main.c.

      Attach the corrected main.c.