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    CYW920719 and CYBT-423028: Not responding on HCI mode after reset


      I'm trying to test HCI mode using CYBT-423028 module. The HCI reset command is correctly working and then I don't see any response from module against any HCI command.

      It seems the default baud rate is 115200 as attached, I could get correct response against HCI reset from CYBT-423028

      After HCI reset, I tried to read BD address, but no responding from CYBT-423028

      If I change the baudrate to 3M for host side and sending read BD address command(01 03 0c 00), I can see 04 10 01 00 from CYBT-423028

      This issue is same with CYW920719Q40EVB board if I press RESET switch(SW2) and then sending HCI reset.

      Do you know how to solve the issue?