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    CX3 manual many to one with 3 producers




      I am wondering if I could configure a DMAMultiChannel using 3 producers (one EP consumer). Two producers from the PIB, and the third one would be the ARM.


      I got BAD_ARGUMENT error when I tried.



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          You can configure a multi channel with three or more producers and consumers. (when the validSckCount field is set to the number of producers)


          But one of the producers cannot be the ARM producer (CY_U3P_CPU_SOCKET_PROD). It can be anything else (PIBs, UIBs etc.,)


          When CY_U3P_CPU_SOCKET_PROD is the producer, the DMA channels are special channels called manual out channels. Manual out channels cannot exist in a multi channel environment.


          So, you have to create a separate single channel DMA with arm producer and EP consumer.



          - Madhu Sudhan

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