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    "4 Dollar Programmer" is broken?  Need help with getting this to work! (Bootloading a PSOC4 using a 049 kit)

      Hello once again everybody!


      Today I am trying to program a PSOC CY8KIT-049_42 using another identical device.
      I am following the method shown here: Using the CY8CKIT-049 to Program Another PSoC® 4 - KBA93541 
      yet there is a major problem! 


      When I try to build the project a plethora of errors springs up! They mainly seem to be complaining about the connections of a component in a cysh file.
      When I navigate to the error it is apparent that the component has resized / been moved or something and when I move the block down so that clk aligns with clk, sda with sda etc I am left with some interrupt blocks connected together which throw their own error. I've tried connecting the line to the nearby available pins and none of them work.


      My next move was to try 'updating' components to the original versions and this did not seem to work.
      Deleted everything and downloaded again, and now the project compiles (With a tonne of warnins about the clock being outside its acceptable tolerance).
      HOWEVER when I try to bootload (from the arm GCC 541 folder, the 471 folder is empty)  I get




      03:29:53 PM - Selected device: USB Serial Device (COM9) - UART

      Generic Serial Port


      03:31:25 PM - program Started


      03:31:25 PM - The flash row is not valid for the selected array.


      03:31:25 PM - program failed in 50 ms.


      Does anyone know what I need to do to get this project working or better still,