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    Unable to bring network down

      Hello, i was trying to join a different wifi network by using the wiced_network_down() method, but it fails. I searched around and found that it fails because the wiced_ip_down() method fails, however if i call wiced_leave_ap() it successfully disassociates the station(my device ) from the AP and i am able to join another AP. Am i doing somehing wrong? Or is it a bug?

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          Please let us know the platform in which wiced_network_down() fails along with the error code. Also if possible, please share a reduced version of your project where you could reproduce the error.

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            I am using this version(taken from the version txt file of my ide) Wiced_006.001.000.0085 ,  the platform i use is EMW3165 by mxchip, i used the files they provide and followed the procedure they list on their website to add this platform in the wiced wifi studio.




            wiced_dct_read_lock( (void**) &dct_wifi_config_new, WICED_TRUE, DCT_WIFI_CONFIG_SECTION, 0, sizeof( *dct_wifi_config_new ) );

                    wiced_dct_read_unlock( (void*) dct_wifi_config_new, WICED_FALSE );







                        WPRINT_APP_INFO(("Cant bring interface down error %d\n",result));

                    } ! !


            The deinit_app_services_method de initializes a tcp server i have running and a Gedday instance




            void deinit_app_services(wiced_interface_t interfaceToInit)


                wiced_result_t result;

                /*Deregister network connection callbacks*/


                /* Drop tcp connections, deregister callbacks and delete socket*/




                /*Deinit mDNS and deregister all services*/







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              The mxchip module EMW3165 contains CYW43362. We do not have this module so we had tested wiced_network_down() on platform BCM943362WCD4 but this error could not be reproduced. Create a simple project with the following statements:


                   wiced_result_t result;


                   wiced_network_up(WICED_STA_INTERFACE, WICED_USE_EXTERNAL_DHCP_SERVER, NULL);


                   printf("Result of wiced_network_down() is %d\n",result);


              Check the result of wiced_network_down().

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                It returns 0 so that must mean it is successful. I will investigate some more, could it be that the change in wifi config dct hinders the ability of the network down function?

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                  The role of DCT in causing this issue is not clear to me right now. There is no DCT API call in wiced_ip_down(). You can configure the DCT and call the DCT API after wiced_network_down(). If the issue still persists, you can rule out DCT as a cause.

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