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    How to speed up OTA from Android smartphone



      I'm currently testing OTA procedure in my android project, the tag is 920737TAG-03, I use sdk 2.x

      the speed of the data transfer is very low:


      I write 20 bytes in the data characteristic and wait for onCharacteristicWrite() to write the 20 next

      the time between the writeCharacteristic() and the onCharacteristicWrite() is between 40 millisec and 100 millisec


      so in the worst case it needs 5 seconds to send 1000 bytes, so a program of 10k could need 50 seconds...

      I made a try with the windows8 app present in the sdk wich do the job at least 10 times faster !


      Can you give me advice on how to speed up ?

      I see in ws_upgrade_ota that the lel2cap_sendConnParamUpdateReq(6, 6, 0, 700) is used, so we cannot make better there


      best regards