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    WICED Static Web resources on external Flash

      Hello all, I am new to the WICED framework so there may be an obvious solution to this.  I am using a Type1LD Wi-Fi and BT module with WICED 6.1.  I have noticed that by default RF firmware is being placed on external Flash but static Web resources are being placed in internal program Flash.  The decision making for this appears to be in wiced_config.mk


        416  ALL_RESOURCES := $(sort $(foreach comp,$(PROCESSED_COMPONENTS),$($(comp)_RESOURCES_EXPANDED)))
        423  endif


      It appears that the only location configurable resources are WIFI_FIRMWARE_BIN and WIFI_FIRMWARE_CLM_BLOB and all other resources will be placed in internal Flash.


      Before I begin hacking up the wiced_config.mk file, is there a straight forward way to tell the framework build process to always place static resources, Web or otherwise,  into external Flash?




      P.S. I have seen this post but I did not find it helpful.

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          Use download_apps in your build statement.

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            Hello, thanks for the response, however, I am using 'download_apps' in my build statement.  Here is my build statement: 'my_project.my_app-MurataType1LD download download_apps run JTAG=Olimex_ARM-USB-TINY-H'.  According to the table on page 8 of the quick start guide, download and download_apps are not mutually exclusive.  Even when using this build statement, Web resources are placed in internal flash. As mentioned in my original post, wiced_config.mk does not appear to consider Web resources to be location configurable. 

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              I tested snip.apsta and checked config.mk in the build folder and I could see resources such as html, png and others in INTERNAL_MEMORY_RESOURCES. However, when I added any resource under LOCATION_CONFIGURABLE_RESOURCES in the application makefile, I did not see that resource in INTERNAL_MEMORY_RESOURCES in config.mk. So you can define the resource as LOCATION_CONFIGURABLE_RESOURCES += resources/apps/apsta/ap_top.html in application makefile.

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                Hello and thanks, this appears to be working, however, there is a small mystery.  When I look at config.mk, it's still showing the html resources in INTERNAL_MEMORY_RESOURCES but when I examine the external Flash file system image and the internal firmware image I can see that they are indeed being moved to external flash: 



                INTERNAL_MEMORY_RESOURCES :=     resources/apps/apsta/ap_top.html resources/images/cypresslogo.png resources/images/cypresslogo_line.png resources/images/favicon.ico