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    Impossible to load 'libclang.dll' inside Win 7 VM on Mac OS


      Hi all,

      I'm running PSOC Creator 4.2 on a Mac (OS version: 10.11.6) using a Windows 7 VM via Parallels. The problem I'm experiencing is that, whenever I am in a "code" window inside the PSOC Creator, I get the following message in the code explorer: "An error occurred while building the code outling for 'path\to\main.c'. Impossible to load the DLL 'libclang.dll'". For this reason, I cannot use any feature of the code explorer and the autocomplete function does not work. If I run PSOC Creator 3.1 inside the same VM, I do not get any message of that kind in the code explorer, and everything works as expected.

      Thanks for your help,