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    PsoC 4 BLE  pairing with CySmartApp

      I want to connect my BLE peripheral (PSoC4 BLE) device with an Android-App using pairing/bonding features.

      The app for testing at the android sideis the CySmart-App.

      The security settings in the peripheral device are the followings:

      Security mode:            Mode1

                  Securitylevel:              Authenticated pairing with encryption

                  Strict pairing:               Yes

      I/O cap.:                      Display

      Bondinmg req.:           Bonding

      Encryption Key size:   16


      When I used the CySmart-App running on an Lenovo Tablet (TB3-710F) with Android 5.01 or

      on a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0 all works fine incl. pairing and bonding.

      If I’m running the CySmart App on anNokia8-Phone with Android 8 the pairing procedure doesn’t work.

      In this case is it possible to enter the passkey at the CySmart-App on the Nokia-Phone but the device will not pair.

      No error code reported.  If I break up the App at the Nokia, the connection  to the peripheral
      will still remain (the peripheral device is not advertising) until I switch off the Bluetooth at the Nokia-Phone and switch it on again. Then the connection

      Are there any known issues for such a behavior of the CySmart-App when it runs under Android 8?